Even though the vast expanses of the Internet provide almost inexhaustible data on any vehicle problem, sensible use and especially the reduction of these data masses to the really relevant information turns out to be a significant challenge. Here we concentrate from the outset on the sources of information that are of interest to us. Since these are almost always regional, focused on individual brands and model ranges or even only specific models, this is a considerable effort. New data sources are added month by month. For us, this is not just about collecting information. In contrast to classical search engines, we try to prepare and manage the results in a structured form.

Blockchain-based evaluation of vehicle-relevant Content

VehicleChain helps to evaluate the vehicle-specific data collected from the internet for correctness and quality. The aim is to enrich official information with data on safety-relevant incidents and quality defects in vehicles. With the help of blockchain technology, content is transparently evaluated in terms of its information quality. This provides us with high-quality search results and prevents manipulation and lies.

Next Generation Internet

NGI TruBlo

The VehicleChain concept was developed as part of the European “NGI” (Next Generation Internet) initiative under the “TruBlo” (trusted and reliable content on future blockchains) programme.

TruBlo supported a total of 45 early-stage projects in answering the question: “How can blockchain technology enable trusted content?”



The prototype for the VehicleChain blockchain module was released as open source and is made available via the DevOps platform GitLab.

The sources for this can be found here:
VehicleChain @ GitLab

You are welcome to ask us questions about further development and possible cooperations by E-Mail.