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How does Carwatch work?

The core of is a search engine. However, while classic Internet searches are designed to identify relevant websites using keywords, Carwatch requires much more: Besides pure web pages, documents and database contents must also be analyzed. Search results must be interpreted in terms of content, stored in a structured manner, and linked to one another. At the same time, for example, different languages must be merged, duplicates cleaned up, and synonyms identified. All of this has to be accessible to the user as a complete application. In this context, we speak of a search-based use (SBA).

Search Based Application is based on the proven Big Data Analytics technology of the software framework PLEXALYTICS by Pumacy Technologies AG. At the core of Plexalytics runs a Searched Based Application Engine, which provides the appropriate tools for the tasks mentioned above, such as

  • an index that stores the results obtained from the search queries,
  • a crawler that automatically reads the relevant content from various data sources on a time-controlled basis,
  • multiple connectors to databases,
  • numerous function blocks that parse, clean, translate, structure, etc. the data and last but not least
  • scalable technologies that can handle the masses of data and perform searches at an acceptable speed.
Search Based Application

SBA: Search-based Application

A search-based application (SBA) is a software application that uses a search engine platform as essential infrastructure for accessing information and generating reports. SBA uses semantic technologies to aggregate, normalize, and classify unstructured, semi-structured, or structured content across multiple repositories.