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Design and implementation of a SaaS application for the aggregation and management of European motor vehicle information

Scematic Overview of EuroKFZ

Carwatch application module "EuroKFZ"

While in North America open data sources are available for almost all conceivable vehicle-related information (e.g. accident and damage reports, detailed recall descriptions including correspondence, official investigation reports), European and national authorities in Europe are content with three-liners – and even then often only when safety-critical incidents are involved.

In order to improve the scope and quality of European vehicle data within Carwatch.net, the project brought together data from various internet sources such as social networks, technical forums, blogs and other sources to use this as an alternative to the public data portals for evaluations.

A blockchain-based evaluation algorithm ensures that only correct and relevant data with a concrete technical reference to current vehicles finds its way into the database.

Euro-KFZ will be integrated into the Carwatch application as a stand-alone application module and can be added to the existing SaaS subscriptions. In the coming months, the software will be further expanded, for example to include European Open Data offerings.